ArQueria debuts new production «Shadow» at Teatro das Figuras Wednesday – Diario diariOnline Região Sul

ArQueria debuts new production «Shadow» at Teatro das Figuras Wednesday - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

The show "Sombra", the new production of ArQuente, directed by Miguel Moreira, is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, 3, at Teatro das Figuras, in Faro.

"A work on the body and the incomprehension of understanding it and perceiving it in the world. People who wait and look at each other through each other. Their bodies tumble and crawl across the floor, drawing possible paths to existence. "Shadow" is a protective space of high temperatures where we can no longer escape from what we are and what we really feel here and now, "explained Miguel Moreira about the show.

The rehearsals, with the cast consisting of six interpreters / co-creators – António Guerreiro, Carolina Cantinho, Fúlvia Almeida, Ricardo Mendonça, Tátá Regala and Teresa Silva – began in October last year, when the Algarve performative group achieved Miguel Moreira accepted the invitation.

"We had wanted to work with Miguel for a long time. His work is incredible and we knew it would be a unique experience to have someone so directing us. It was Gil Silva who put us in touch with his work and I think we fell in love from the first moment, "Teresa Silva, president of the ArQuente Cultural Association, said in a statement.

To accompany him in this creative process, Miguel Moreira counts on the collaboration of the dancer Maria Fonseca, with whom he has been working since 2018 in Utero, a cultural association founded by the choreographer in 1997.

According to ArQuente, "Shadow" is "in a way a disturbing, human, aesthetic and unique production, where the spectator is who" defines "what he sees".

"Michael and Mary constantly challenge us to explore other dimensions of ourselves, to see ourselves in others. When I look at the other I see myself. I think that after the "Shadow" we will not be the same, we are not the same at the end of each rehearsal, "confessed Teresa, between smiles.

ArQuente – Cultural Association was created in 2006 and since then has developed a multidisciplinary work, touching and joining theater, performing arts, dance, music, visual arts and multimedia.

The show rises to the stage of the Theater of the Figures, space chosen to welcome the national debut of the creation, on days 3 and 4 of April. The cost of tickets varies between 5 and 7 euros.



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