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"It's illegal." This is how the Independent Union of Doctors (SIM) classifies the circular sent to eight USF Algarve, where it is decreed that professionals from "all careers" will have to work "at least 40 hours a week." The SIM "repudiates" the orientation of the Regional Health Administration (ARS) of the Algarve to impose, through the administrative route, the return to the 40 hours a week for family doctors Family Health Units (USF) model B.

"The SIM repudiates the recent guidelines issued by ARS Algarve that determine the existence of illegal hours of more than 40 hours a week for family physicians at Family Health Units (USF) model B", reveals this Friday, July 12 , the Yes.

In a statement, the SIM stresses that "the Algarve Algarve should be concerned with measures that dignify the work of family doctors who work every day in adverse conditions in that region." And he suggests here that the ARS of the Algarve "should focus on encouraging and fixing family doctors in the region, avoiding scenarios such as the last contest in which more than a third of the vacancies for family doctors were left to occupy in the Algarve."

The USF are small operational units of the Health Centers with functional and technical autonomy, which contract the objectives of accessibility, adequacy, effectiveness, efficiency and quality, and which guarantee the subscribed citizens a basic portfolio of services.

Not all FHUs will be in the same organizational development plan. The differentiation between the different USF models (A, B and C) is the result of the degree of organizational autonomy, the differentiation of the remuneration model and the incentives of professionals and the financing model and their legal status.

Model B is suitable for teams with greater organizational maturity where family health team work is an effective practice and are willing to accept a level of contractualisation of more demanding performance levels.

Nurses of the Algarve denounce illegal imposition of 40 hours

Recently, the Union of Portuguese Nurses (SEP) warned of the imposition of 40 hours of work in USF model B.

At the end of June, this union even warned that "the 'war' could be resumed and the Ministry of Health / Government would be held accountable," noting that for years nurses "fought" for the 35 hours to apply to all nurses regardless of the bond, what was achieved.

After recalling that the reform of Primary Health Care in 2008 introduced a new concept of organizational autonomy of the Family Health Units model B (USF model B), the SEP emphasizes that the teams of these units are made up of doctors, nurses and secretaries clinical and working hours is based on 35 hours per week.

"The acceptance by a professional group to increase their lists, translating this into more Contracted Units can not be an argument to increase the working hours of the other professional groups," added the SEP at the time.

The SEP alert came after a recent communication, where the president of ARS Algarve demanded "normalization of working hours, in a minimum of 40 hours in Family Health Units model B, for all careers …".

For the SEP this guidance "is illegal and is no more than an attempt to impose, administratively, the 40 hours for nurses."

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