Art students exhibit in Portimão's shop windows

Art students exhibit in Portimão's shop windows

From December 10 until January 11, half a hundred local shops in Portimão exhibit an exhibition with 65 works by students from the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Secondary School Arts Course, within the scope of the urban animation activities of the Plan of Urban Regeneration Action (PARU) in Portimão.

As with previous exhibitions, which took place during the Portimão Urban Rehabilitation Week, and since the current pandemic situation made it impossible to carry out the sixth edition of this initiative, during the festive period watercolors and engravings of the students of the classes of the 10th S, 11th K and 12th O of that course, under the themes “Natureza Morta” ”,“ Self-portrait ”and“ Linoleum prints ”.

The show, which in this way energizes the ARU – Urban Rehabilitation Area in the historic center of Portimão, follows a partnership established with schools in the municipality and under the proposal of the teachers of the Arts Course at the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Secondary School, with guidance by teachers Telma Lança and Joana Brito.

In addition to this initiative, the Municipality of Portimão has prepared a series of measures to boost local commerce in this festive season, such as the decoration of public spaces in the city with Christmas elements, "which will be announced as a whole very soon", ensures the County.


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