“Aspas Espontânea” wants to be a cultural voice in Albufeira

“Aspas Espontânea” wants to be a cultural voice in Albufeira

The “Aspas Espontânea” Association, a Cultural Association of Albufeira, was recently created, which essentially aims to be a voice in the culture that can be created and created in the municipality of Albufeira.

For the group of friends that formed the association, there is a cultural past in Albufeira that must be preserved, but that also cannot be held hostage to that past. There is still a memory of what this municipality produced but there is also a new generation that would like to see itself in the municipality that was born or lives.

“There is professional excellence in the artistic community from the municipality that does not necessarily have visibility in your city. This visibility will be very important for places that can believe in cultural alternatives, and one of the Association's purposes is to create and develop cultural awareness accessible to all ”.

The Association will not be limited to culture; it also aims to enhance the heritage of the municipality. Heritage that is intended to be cataloged for future memory and to be able to develop actions to preserve it.

“At the moment, there is no official survey of the property. The rehabilitations that have existed are welcome, but they are insufficient to fulfill this premise ”.

In the opinion of the members of the Association, this moment that is experiencing a pandemic, is precisely the ideal moment to rethink the municipality, which should not be held hostage by tourism, under the risk of losing direction that can hardly return.

The Association also launched a challenge for the entire artistic community in the Algarve region to introduce itself and show its talent, in order to build a database for future reference of collaborations / work recommendations.

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