Association Mutualista Montepio gathers European election candidates to debate Social Europe – The Economic Journal

The Montepio Mutualist Association (AMM) will present the conclusions of the public consultation on Friday 10, at 2:30 p.m., in its auditorium. "We are going to build together the Social Europe of tomorrow", a project that aimed to ask European citizens about the role of the Social Economy and Mutualism in building the European social model, announces the institution led by Tomás Correia.

According to Mutualista, this public consultation of citizens "is part of the European movement of the same name, originating in the FNMF, National Federation of French Mutuality, which expressly invited the Montepio Mutualist Association to join the project, which also includes APM – RedeMut – Portuguese Association of Mutualities and CNIS – National Confederation of Social Solidarity Institutions, national social economy organizations associated with the European Platform for the Defense of the Social Economy ".

In order to discuss these results, the Association invited the candidates to the European elections, which take place on the 26th of this month.

Thus Carlos Zorrinho, of PS; Mercês Borges, from PSD; Pedro Mota Soares, from CDS-PP; Paulo de Almeida Sande, of the Alliance; António Marinho and Pinto, from the PDR; and Inês de Sousa Real from the PAN are some of the candidates who will present their proposals in the field of Social Europe and answer the questions of the audience.

"We believe in the mobilization of European citizens to build a fair, redistributive and respectful social model of human beings and the environment. We have to put the future of social protection in Europe at the center of national political debates and this initiative is part of this plan, "António Tomás Correia, chairman of the Board of Directors of Associação Mutualista, said in a statement.

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