Associations of military, GNR and maritime police against special careers diploma – The Economic Journal

Professional associations of the military, the Republican National Guard and the Maritime Police have criticized the special careers decree on Monday, which they consider unfair for failing to correct the consequences of frozen service time.

In a communiqué, these organizations argue that "the diploma itself is unjust but also creates other injustices", not only for those who are covered by its content, but also for those who, during the freezing period, have moved to the situation of reservation / renovation.

"However, as they have always mentioned, the signatory structures do not give up fighting for the most just and feasible solutions for professionals in these sectors of activity, in order to avoid the destruction of the career of all those who once swore to give their lives," they refer.

The joint note, signed by organizations such as the National Association of Sergeants (ANS), Association of Officers of the Armed Forces (AOFA), Association of Guard Professionals (APG / GNR), Socio-Professional Association of Maritime Police (ASPPM) of Praças (AP), argues that the diploma represents "a clear attitude of escape from the intention to see corrected the consequences of the time of service that was frozen."

The associations point out that they have always expressed their willingness to find the best way and deadline for recovering frozen service time in a negotiation process, and emphasize that the publication of this decree-law "is not the end of the road."

They reinforce the need to maintain determination and unity "around this and other struggles" and recall that a public petition is in the process of upholding a request from the Assembly of the Republic to amend the legislative measure that gave rise to a situation that they consider "Unjust and unworthy."

The petition in question, up to the beginning of this morning, had collected 3,270 signatures.

The diploma published Monday, which covers special careers such as the military, judges, police and teachers, provides for the recovery for the purpose of career progression of 70% of the time of service, which was frozen between 2011 and 2017.

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