Assunção Cristas asks "strong red card" to PS Government – The Economic Journal

The president of the CDS-PP, Assunção Cristas, asked the Portuguese today to show a "big, big sign of displeasure, a very strong red card" to the PS government in Europe next Sunday.

A week after the election, Cristas called for the mobilization of the party and voters in the "biggest battle" of "explaining to people" why it is important to vote, either "for Europe or for Portugal", for a lunch of about 200 militants in Marco de Canaveses, Porto district.

"We have to show a big, big sign of displeasure, a very strong red card," said the centrist leader, after leaving another appeal to the militants: "Take your friends, your relatives, to vote."

For Assunção Cristas, the prime minister and leader of the PS, António Costa, "does not deserve to be in the Government, does not deserve because it deceives" the Portuguese.

The centrist leader in his speech made a link between the European elections next Sunday and the legislative elections on October 6 and said that the CDS wants "a strong voice in Brussels", a "very strong voice in Portugal ".

"We want to tell Antonio Costa that enough of this little shame to deceive people is enough to have maximum taxes and minimum services," shouted Asuncion.

Before and after, he gave several examples of what he considered to be failures of the Coastal Government, starting with the low execution of community funds in agriculture, for example.

"As Portugal most needs, the Government is wasting the funds, which are not from Mário Centeno, are not to be in the drawer of Mario Centeno. They are all Portuguese, "he said.

Failed further, he argued, in the objective to exist, until the end of the legislature, all Portuguese have a family doctor, given that there are 750 thousand Portuguese who do not have it.

Nuno Melo was to make the most European speech of the afternoon, although he did not forget António Costa, who considers the "real" head of the PS list in Europe, nor the "formal candidate", Pedro Marques, after seeing a poster of both at the entrance of Marco de Canaveses with the 'slogan' "responsible vote".

The CDS candidate disagrees and cites arguments, ranging from the five candidates of the PS who were governors with José Sócrates, "responsible for the country's bankruptcy" and "troika entry" in Portugal or the low execution of European funds.

Voting in the PS is "to vote for what has brought the worst and most traumatic time in recent years", "is not a vote," he concluded.

And it used European statistics to say that, since 2016, Portugal "does not converge with the EU average" and "is already the third poorest" in the EU.

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