Assunção Cristas calls for participation in the European "wonderful day to vote" – The Economic Journal

The president of the CDS-PP, Assunção Cristas, voted shortly after 09:00 at the Miraflores secondary school, Algés, Oeiras, and called on people to use this "wonderful day to vote" in the European elections.

The journalists, after exercising their right to vote, Assunção Cristas admitted that the European ones are "difficult", generally with high abstention, but that it is a "wonderful day to vote".

The day is "beautiful", one can vote, "go to the beach" and "then enjoy the whole day with peace," he said.
Assunção Cristas voted at 09:07, in section 8 of the secondary school in Miraflores, Oeiras, Lisbon district, had only one person ahead and took less than five minutes to exercise their right to vote.

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