Asunción Cristas chooses agriculture and water as priorities of CDS – O Jornal Económico

In the political rentrée in Madeira, the CDS-PP leader, Asunción Cristas, elected the themes of agriculture and water as priorities of the party, given the climate threats. Water “because we have to adapt to climate change and we have to reserve water, we have to save it, we have to make investment, we have to use it efficiently, whether in the countryside or in the city”.

Asunción Cristas, in his call to vote, stressed that it makes sense to have center and right-wing force in the political space. In this sense, the centrist repeats the promise to lower the IRS 15%, place the IRC at the Irish level and free the economy from obstacles so that it can “grow better”.

“It makes sense to help private investment, it makes sense to give families conditions so that they can grow, it makes sense to give young people conditions to work with us and to have the appropriate vocational training for the jobs they need and want” continued the Christian Democrat.

The CDS leader also said that we need to look at the territory as the country's great asset and the country as a safe, reliable country where justice works and where there is no corruption.

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