Asunción Cristas says CDS goal in legislatures is to “grow” parliamentary representation – Jornal Económico

CDS-PP leader Asunción Cristas assumed on Monday that the centrists goal in the legislature "is to work to maintain and grow" representation in parliament, ensuring that there is no crisis in the party.

“Our goal is to work to earn the trust of all those who find themselves in a different country, with more ambition, bolder, better able to make progress, and that is what we are working for. I believe there are a lot of people reviewing these proposals and these concerns of the CDS, ”Assunção Cristas told reporters at the Palace of Justice in Lisbon.

Following the handing over of the list at the top of the Lisbon constituency, the CDS-PP leader was asked about the party's electoral goal and stated that the “objective is to work to maintain and grow” the representation of the CDS-PP in Assembly of the Republic, which in the current legislature is 18 deputies.

“As you know the CDS strategy has been outlined for a long time and has not changed, we want to be part of a right-center majority to rule our country and either that majority came out of the October 6 legislative elections or we will continue to do so. part of an always firm and always constructive opposition showing that there is another way for Portugal beyond the left, ”he reiterated.

Asked whether this center-right majority was likely in the light of polls, Cristas argued that "before the elections anything is possible" and that is what the centrists are working for.

Regarding the opinions of experts who consider that in Portugal there is a crisis in the right-wing parties, the centrist leader was perentory: “I speak for the CDS. CDS has no crisis. ” “It's been working hard for a long time to have the best electoral program. Let's introduce him on Thursday, ”he said.

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