At US Colleges, Students Already "Stitch The Point" With iPhone – iOS

At US Colleges, Students Already "Stitch The Point" With iPhone - iOS

As the new school year enters, Apple will have the opportunity to expand its contactless student identification technology. With this system in place, colleges allow iPhone and / or Apple Watch owners to register attendance and access campus areas with their smartphone or smartwatch.

By 2019, the system will reach 12 new universities, 19 of which will have technology integrated into their infrastructures.

The technology giant is expected to reach more and more institutions. In Portugal, the company is not yet present, but technology shows the way to where the future of this process goes.

The integration of the student card into the smartphone is a way to streamline student life on campus and within the college, as it focuses on the equipment we use most often with a frequently requested document. Note, however, that installing a similar system is not just about developing a mobile application. For the entire network to function fully, an investment in NFC sensors is required, the technology through which communication between the telephone and the signal receiver is made.

It is almost certain that, in the future, we will not need this card at Portuguese universities. However, how far is this future from the present (?) Is a completely different debate.

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