Attack effectiveness and defense fortune guarantee three points

Attack effectiveness and defense fortune guarantee three points

Another victory, three more points in Coimbra. The students were facing Penafiel, who came from three consecutive wins in official matches, and from an early age showed that they were not intimidated by the opponent's good form.
At the Cidade de Coimbra Stadium, the effectiveness of the attack and some luck in the defense – the goal posts were waved three times – were decisive for the victory achieved with a very painful end.
The goals of Bouldini and João Mário, both in quick attacks in which they took advantage of the spaces left behind the defense, allowed Académica to go out to the dressing rooms to win by two goals difference. In the 2nd half, a collective numbness of the home team, combined with the growth of Penafiel, reopened the game, after Gustavo Henrique reduced the difference in the score.

Balanced start
The Académica coach made some changes in relation to the starting eleven launched in the Portuguese Cup game – victory against Juventude de Évora – and bet on a defense composed by Mika (goal), Rafael Vieira and Silvério in the center of the defense, and Bruno Teles and Fabiano in the wings. The midfield was left to Ricardo Dias, Guima and Fabinho, playing behind striker Bouldini, accompanied by Traquina and João Mário in the attack.
The match started immediately with a huge scare in Mika's goal. A few seconds after the opening whistle, Silvério makes a crazy pass, placing the ball at the feet of the Penafiel forward. Wagner takes advantage of the mistake and shoots towards the goal, making the post avoid the opening goal. In the first 20 minutes, the teams tried to fit in, without risking much in the attack, and to start playing from the defense. The pressures in the first phase of construction forced the athletes to resort too often to “kicking” forward, greatly affecting the quality of the game in this first phase.
Behold, at 24 ', at a time when Académica was barely reaching the attack, Fabiano made an excellent pass to clear Guima. The midfielder advances down the left aisle, the Penafiel goalkeeper hesitates and Bouldini, served by Guima, shoots with the goal completely uncovered.
Awakened by Briosa's goal, the visitors climbed the lines and, following a free-kick on the left of the attack, Leandro heads against the crossbar of Mika's goal which, for the second time in half an hour, thanked the fortune and the help of “ your ”posts.
The ball in the iron again inspired the men guided by Rui Borges who, moments later, extend the advantage.
Just over five minutes from the whistle for rest, the same Fabiano has another class moment, leaving João Mário in the face of the goal. After a sublime reception, ex-Ac. Viseu, face to face with Luís Ribeiro, does not forgive and makes it 2-0.

Academic goes to sleep and ends up leaning against the ropes
Penafiel went all out in the 2nd half, enjoying the relaxation of the Calhabé complex that made several mistakes at the time of construction. Silvério and Rafael Vieira seemed nervous and, in difficulties, were trying to deal with the aggressiveness of the foreign strikers.
At 48 ', the post is the protagonist for the third time in the match, even though Mateus was in an irregular position.
The succession of opportunities – the "students" went to sleep after the break – resulted in the goal, at 55 ', through Gustavo Henrique. Ludovic crosses on the right, the ball is left for the Penafiel striker, who dies in the chest and shoots hard for the goal.

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