August Fair promotes endogenous products of Grândola – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

August Fair promotes endogenous products of Grândola - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The biggest fair of the Alentejo coast takes place between 22 and 26 August in Grândola, highlighting in this edition the county's endogenous products, such as rice and olive oil, the theme of an exhibition that will be evident in the venue.

The expository discourse will give visibility to the productive process of the traditional and current rice culture, as it continues to develop in the territory of the state.

As far as olive oil production is concerned, it will only focus on the traditional process, as there are currently no olive oil production units in the county and olive harvesting continues to take place manually.

The space of the central nave – between the two exhibitor pavilions – becomes, during the five days of the Fair of August, a traditional winery where visitors of the event can taste some of the most characteristic products of the region accompanied by wines from regional producers.

Remember, Xutos e Pontapés, David Carreira, Miguel Ângelo and the Grandolense Music Society band, Blaya and DJ Mastiksoul, Dynamic Duo and Honored Wilson constitute the musical poster of the fair.

On the 23rd, Cineteatro Grandolense will host the colloquium «Endogenous Resources – roots of the past with eyes on the future», which will present success stories and production projects.

The opening session is in charge of the president of Grândola, António Figueira Mendes. Chef Vítor Sobral concludes the seminar with moderation by Marta Cortegano, from ESDIME and coordinator of the Coopera_RS project – Network for the promotion of cooperation, qualification and competitiveness of the territory associated with the Provere of Wild Resources.

"The appreciation of local products has been a bet of the municipal executive who, in October last year, inaugurated the House Show of Endogenous Products," says the municipality, in a statement.

Operating in an emblematic space of the municipality – in the old cellar of António Inácio da Cruz -, Casa Mostra aims to enhance and promote the products of the territory, including wine, aromatic plants, honey and mushrooms, among others.

Since its inauguration, this municipal space has maintained a regular schedule. Cooking workshops, Book Presentations and Wine Tasting, Exhibitions and the Tabernas Route were some of the actions developed in the first ten months of Casa Mostra.



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