Aurea on Quarteira New Year's Eve

Aurea on Quarteira New Year's Eve

Quarteira is once again the main stage of the New Year celebrations in the municipality of Loulé and one of the favorite destinations of many tourists for the last getaway of the year. Aware of this situation, Loulé City Council will once again promote an animation program for tonight that will have at the Aurea concert and the pyromusical show the highlights of the festivities.

From 9:30 pm, Deejay Rodriguez will warm the audience with its sounds. The Algarve DJ, who has participated in several events held in the municipality of Loulé, such as the White Night, will warm-up for a lively night in Quarteira.

From 10:30 pm, our other name linked to the Algarve (born in Santiago do Cacém but went to Silves at the age of 2) will take the stage of Praça do Mar: Aurea, one of the most successful artists of a new generation of talent in the Portuguese music panorama. The portentous voice of the singer who began her career in 2010, with the unavoidable single "Busy for Me" taking her to the fore, has pop and soul as her prime ground. Throughout his career he has received two gold awards, one platinum, one double platinum and one golden globe for best solo performer, having performed in various points of the planet, such as Rock in Rio 2012 (Brazil), Hennessy Artistry Tour in China and Southeast Asia.

The first album "Aurea" was released in Spain, Poland, Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan, performing well in all these territories.

In Quarteira, in addition to her career successes, Silves' singer, performer and natural composer will feature songs from her latest work – “Confessions” – Aurea's fourth record of originals. These "confessions", now materialized in lyrics and music, some literally, some more metaphorical, were the inspiration and the starting point for the creation of this album. In this new work, Aurea assumes a change of sound aesthetics compared to previous works, visible from the first theme that opens the album. “Done With You” was the debut single for the new album to the public.

At New Year 2017/18, Aurea sang on the mythical Avenida dos Aliados, in Porto, and around 200,000 people attended. Portugal had never seen a New Year's Eve with so many people. The energetic presence on stage and the striking voice are, therefore, more than enough reasons for tonight in Quarteira to be also full house.

When the 12 chimes announce the entry of the Year 2020, a pyromusical show will shine in the skies of Quarteira. Then at 00h15, it is the turn of the musician, DJ and producer RIOT to join the party. Following a stint at the MED Festival last June, one of the founding members of Buraka Som Sistema returns to Loulé for “a boundless journey designed for a wide audience with different musical tastes”.

A RIOT DJ set is always an exploratory journey through the latest urban sounds, but always with a very strong foundation based on what together with Branko, Kalaf, Conductor and Blaya, created the Lisbon Sound with clear influences on the Portuguese diaspora from which it came. Buraka Sound System.

From Afro-House to Hip-Hop, from Kuduro to Drum'n'Bass, as long as it makes sense, you're sure to be on a RIOT set. With a clear concern to spread the best music in Portugal, the set contains many remixes, exclusive self-made bootlegs and even some originals ranging from versions of Buraka, Carlão, Slow J, MGDRV, among others.

In short, there are many reasons why tourists heading south for a mini-vacation these days can watch a night full of great music and excitement in the city of Quarteira.

Admission to the shows is free.

It should be noted that New Year's Eve is part of the Christmas Animation Program 2019 in the municipality of Loulé extending until January 6th.



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