Auto Chess: Is this the new trend in gaming? Android

Auto Chess: Is this the new trend in gaming? Android

Produced by Drodo Studio, Auto Chess is a Dota 2 mod that puts characters from Valve's famous MOBA game on a chess board in intense, strategy-packed bouts. The success led the small studio to sign an agreement with Chinese publisher Dragonest to bring the concept to smartphones. Although it is the same game, the project had to disconnect from DoTA 2, which meant changing the characters to new and original characters so as not to infringe copyright.

What is certain is that, like the "explosion" of the MOBA genre, which was also born in the mods of real-time strategy games, the alert was given and the giants wereted no time in creating their versions of Auto Chess . Valve announced during the E3 DoTA Underlords, the owner to use the characters of the original Auto Chess mod, and Riot Games, the producer of the most famous MOBA League of Legends (LoL) revealed Teamfight Tactics, a new game mode that also uses their own Champions.

In general terms, Auto Chess encourages players to build the best deck of cards with their heroes, who are chosen randomly during the game. Combat arenas, similar to a chess board, require the strategic placement of units on the ground to make formations according to their unique abilities, thereby defeating other opponents. To do this, when a round ends, the live units on the board will deal damage to the opponent, as well as amassing experience and money to make the Avatar (the main character) and buy more cards to make the army more powerful following the match.

You can download free Auto Chess on iOS and Android versions.

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