"Avengers": BD with gay kiss censored by politicians exhausts at Rio de Janeiro Biennial – Showbiz

"Avengers": BD with gay kiss censored by politicians exhausts at Rio de Janeiro Biennial - Showbiz

On Thursday, the secretary of public order handed over the notification to the Rio de Janeiro Book Biennial accompanied by about 15 police officers and promised to return the next day to confirm that it was completed, but the trip will be useless: the comic strip has run out. from Marvel that the mayor of the city [presidente da câmara] Marcelo Crivella ordered to withdraw for showing a gay kiss between superheroes.

According to the organization's communications office, all copies of "Avengers: The Children's Crusade" disappeared from retail outlets about 40 minutes after opening doors this Friday morning at what is the largest literary event in the country.

The controversy began when a Biennial visitor complained on social networks that it was "offensive to children" the content of the comic strip featuring two gay teen boyfriends, Wiccano and Hulkling, kissing on the back pages.

The work was published without generating any controversy in the USA in 2010 in the collection "New Avengers", with a new generation of teenage heroes, and in Brazil in 2012 and 2016.

Although the recommended classification of the work is for teenagers and not a child audience, the case spread quickly and reached Councilman Alexandre Isquierdo (center-right Democrats).

This Wednesday, during a public session in the City Hall, he showed it in his hands and condemned its sale at the fair as a "cowardice" to children, calling on his colleagues to sign a letter of repudiation against Marvel and her publishers. published in Brazil.

On Thursday, Mayor Marcelo Crivella (also center-right Republicans) ordered the work removed, repeating the argument that we needed to "protect our children" from its "sexual content for minors."

After the decision, social networks were filled with accusations of censorship and authoritarianism by the authorities.

Even before the newsstand race, the Book Biennial organization defended the plurality of the event and ensured that it would not remove the book.

"This is a plural festival where everyone is welcome and represented. Even next weekend, the Book Biennial will have three panels to discuss Trans and LGBTQA + literature. The festival board understands that if a visitor acquire a work other than [lhe] please, he has every right to request the exchange of the product, as provided by the Consumer Protection Code ", said in a statement.

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