Average selling price of wine rose in first quarter, institute says – Jornal Económico

IVV forecasts for the 2019/2020 harvest point to an average production growth in Portugal of around 10% over the same period last year. How do you view growth forecasts, particularly in regions such as the Douro or Dão, for example?
The forecast of a 10% increase over the previous season in domestic wine production is positive for the entire wine sector as it contributes to the sector's ability to meet growing demand in export and domestic markets. Specifically, in the Douro and Porto region, growth is expected to be around 30% (compared to the previous season) and in the Dão region an increase of around 35%, which will in fact be very important to rebalance the low yield. which these two very important regions recorded in last year's campaign.

What is the current state of play regarding harvesting in the various regions of the country, particularly those with the largest production?
The harvest takes place with tranquility in the various regions of the country. A little earlier – as is normal – in the South, but in all regions with prospects that point to a very high quality crop. Maturation is generally proceeding in a very harmonious manner, given the climatic conditions, which are allowing up to now optimal conditions not only from the health point of view, but also as regards the balance between alcohol content and acidity. grapes It is possible to say (so far) that oenologists will have in their hands very high quality raw material with an interesting quantity.

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