Azores. Order satisfied with hiring of nurses for hospitals – Current

Azores. Order satisfied with hiring of nurses for hospitals - Current

"This is important news for the entire healthcare industry in the region. This is the largest hiring of nurses in a single operation in the last four years, and it is fair to recognize the efforts of the Azorean executive with this announcement, "said the president of the regional council of the Order, Luís Furtado.

Cited in a press release sent to the editors, the official said that "this hiring at the level of the three hospitals in the region will, on the one hand, reduce the existing structural deficits and, on the other hand, allow the entry into the career of a significant number of nurses ".

The head of the Azorean government, Socialist Vasco Cordeiro, announced last week, within the framework of the PS / Açores parliamentary conference, that by the end of the year some 140 health professionals will be hired for the region's hospitals.

According to the chairman of the regional governing council, the hirings now announced are part of "one of the most important and oldest claims" of the Order of Nurses.

"For several years now we have insisted on the supervision of the necessary compliance with the requirements of the safe provision of nurses in the various institutions and thus ensure that our citizens would have access to the best possible health conditions, "Not everything is solved, but these hiring are clearly a great step taken in this regard," he said.

The Order reminds us that "this year, an order from the Vice-President of the Government of the Azores determined that 40 nurses were hired" for health units in the region, bringing the total foreseen for this year to approximately 120.

"This is a clear example of the fact that if we work together, we can more easily achieve the results we all want." I remember that in 2015 we signed a cooperation agreement with the Regional Health Secretariat on the safe allocation of nurses in the Azores. that an exhaustive survey be made and that the actual needs of our institutions be effectively understood, "said Luís Furtado.

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