Babies going to daycare develop more social skills – Current Affairs

Babies going to daycare develop more social skills - Current Affairs

Staying at home in the early days of life has its drawbacks. The kids who frequent it grow up from an early age are more well-behaved and make friends more easily.

Working mothers: You can breathe a sigh of relief when you leave your little ones in the nursery. These children are more well-behaved and have fewer emotional problems than those cared for by family or loved ones.

Infants who attended a nursery or day care center for a year or more have found it easier to make friends and social skills than those who stayed at home, a study by the Pierre Louis Institute for Epidemiology and Public Health in Paris, published in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health and cited in Daily Mail.

The research involved more than 1,400 children aged up to three years, comparing those who attended a day care run by professionals with those who had more informal care.

Previous studies have already suggested that early care provided by professionals could boost children's language and cognitive abilities and may improve their academic performance. Researchers have now found that these children are less likely to have emotional and behavioral problems in childhood and that they will possibly have better social skills.

More than four out of ten children examined were cared for by nurses, while a room attended a nursery, day care or day care center and just under a third were cared for by family or friends. About one in six of these children had behavioral problems, including hyperactivity and attention deficit, and a similar number had emotional problems. Just under 7% had difficulty making friends, while 13% had few social skills.

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