Baby is born pregnant with brain death – Home

Baby is born pregnant with brain death - Home

Salvador, the premature baby born to a brain-dead mother, was discharged on Tuesday.

"It was really a miracle and a learning for all of us," said the director of Neonatology at this unit this Wednesday (08.05).

The father and hospital officials do not go to the press, at least for now, reports the Diário de Notícias.

Salvador, also nicknamed "baby miracle," was born in the early hours of March 28 at 31 weeks, six days and 1.7 kilos, almost four months after his mother had entered brain death.

Catarina Sequeira, a 26-year-old canoeist, entered brain death in December and was kept alive so she could develop the fetus.

The delivery was scheduled for day 29, but complications with the child forced him to anticipate it in one day.

The child's grandmother said she wanted to participate in Salvador's life. "If Bruno (the child's father) does not accept it, it's more of a pain that I would suffer." "What am I going to do?" "Knowing Bruno as I know it, I think we're going to reach a consensus," said Maria de Fatima, mother of the mother cited by the Observer newspaper.

Salvador is the second baby to be born under the same circumstances in Portugal, after another "miracle baby" was born in 2016 at the São José Hospital in Lisbon, the son of a woman who was brain dead. Also in this case the doctors managed to prolong the pregnancy until the 32 weeks.

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