Bad election results force right to adopt new strategy – The Economic Journal

European elections left a bitter taste in right-wing parties. Without ever mentioning defeat, both the PSD and the CDS-PP acknowledged that they had fallen short of what they wanted and watched in silence for the electoral outcome, which painted the Portuguese map of pink. The mission now is to regain the electorate in time for the legislative elections scheduled for a little over four months, and for this, the two parties are betting on a new political strategy to avoid a new 'failure' in October.

The schedule is tight and there is no time to lose. "It's rather difficult for the right to reverse the outcome of these elections. What can happen is that the PSD and CDS-PP can improve the result and ensure a good representation of the right in October, "António Costa Pinto, coordinator of the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS), told Jornal Econômico. Also José Adelino Maltez, a professor at the University of Lisbon, considers the task difficult, but that until October "a lot can happen".

Immediately after the official results of the European elections were known – 21.94% of the votes in the PSD and 6.19% in the CDS -, Social Democratic leader Rui Rio said that "it is not worth covering the sun with the sieve "and that the high abstention rate is proof that changes in campaigning are necessary and convincing voters to vote.

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