Badajoz Film Festival opens with "Raiva" and five Portuguese "short films" in competition – Upcoming

Badajoz Film Festival opens with "Raiva" and five Portuguese "short films" in competition - Upcoming

In an adaptation of "Seara de Vento", a book written by Manuel da Fonseca, "Raiva" tells of a "tragedy" that occurred in the Alentejo countryside in 1950, summarized the delegation of the regional government of Extremadura.

"Injustice is portrayed in 'Rage' as a cycle that repeats itself, and will continue to be repeated in new ways, even though all life will be fought against it," explains the director of the film, who chose to adapt this book emblematic in the Alentejo to a classic Portuguese neorealism, "said the same entity.

The film, like the book, "speaks of the abyss between rich and poor, but in the film the dead are only dead, not heroes, nor symbols," added the delegation of the Junta de Extremadura, evoking the various awards conquered by the film, which will feature in the exhibition at the Iberian Film Festival, with the presence of Hugo Bentes, the protagonist.

As for the Official Section of the FIC, five Portuguese short films compete with 22 other works by Spanish directors, in an edition that included 450 short films, of which 25 came from Portugal.

"Equinox", by Ivo M. Ferreira, "Nevoeiro" by Daniel Veloso, "For Your Witness" by João Pupo, "Rio between the Mountains" by José Magro, and Filipe Melo's "Sleepwalk" Portuguese competition.

The event, which "shows the most representative cinema that takes place in the Iberian Peninsula", places "the focus on the short film as protagonist" of this 25th anniversary, the organization said.

"Quality remains the hallmark of FIC, which has become a benchmark for filmmakers. The selection committee particularly highlights the high level of Portuguese filmmakers, "said the promoters.

The total of 27 "short" in competition in the Official Section aspires to the Best Onofre Prize for the Best Short Film, worth € 3,000, as well as the Public Awards of Badajoz, Olivença and San Vicente de Alcántara, each € 800 each one, among other contests in dispute.

The 25th FIC is sponsored by the Regional Government of Extremadura, Diputación de Badajoz, López de Ayala Theater Consortium, Office of Transborder Initiatives and municipalities of the cities involved, as well as by other entities.


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