Baja TT Montes Alentejanos suspended due to Covid-19

Baja TT Montes Alentejanos suspended due to Covid-19

Taking into account the alarming increase in the number of new cases of contagion in Covid-19, which forced the adoption of additional restrictive measures across the country with the aim of reversing the accelerated growth of the pandemic and as the municipality of Beja is currently in extremely high risk of contagion, CPKA – Karting and Motoring Promotion Club, organizer of Baja TT Montes Alentejanos, scheduled for March 5, 6 and 7, informs in a statement that the security conditions for its realization are not met , it is suspended until a new date is set.

CPKA, hopes that the Covid-19 pandemic, which is frighteningly affecting not only Portugal, but the whole world, will be able to reverse the current acceleration of cases of contagions and deaths next February, and if so, if possible, intends to organize Baja TT Montes Alentejanos in a security environment until the end of March.

In the same letter, CPKA emphasizes that the situation will always be articulated with the Municipality of Beja, DGS, FPAK, FMP and other entities involved.


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