Banco Montepio workers want extraordinary distribution of results – The Jornal Econômico

In an act of the meeting of the Workers' Committee with the CEO of Banco Montepio, Dulce Mota, to which the Economic Journal had access, it is revealed that the workers demand the extraordinary distribution of results.

"Referring to Clause 4 of the Montepio ACTs, in the Temporary and Temporary Special Provisions, the Workers' Committee questioned whether there will be any extraordinary payment to workers for the 2018 fiscal year," reads the minutes.

In 2017, when the bank earned 30 million, the distribution of results in 2018 was 5% and gave 450 euros to each employee.

The results this year were 12.6 million which would give 200 euros to each worker, reveals a source close to the process.

"We obtained the indication that the matter has not yet been analyzed by the Board of Directors, however we will continue to follow this topic, since the Institutions subscribing to the Montepio ACTs, which include Caixa Económica Montepio Geral, Montepio Crédito and Montepio Valor , presented a positive consolidated result, explains the Workers' Committee.

The Committee of Workers, as part of its management control functions, which includes compliance with labor legislation where CEMG ACTs are included, met on the 6th with the Executive Committee represented by Dulce Mota and Helena Soares de Moura and with the director of the Management of People Management, Sandra Brito Pereira.

One of the issues addressed is the fact that the Workers' Committee "accompanied all the collaborators who request collaboration to make their decision to change their functions or others, by transfer / incorporation in BEM (Banco de Empresas Montepio").

"This monitoring was also carried out at the level of drafting opinions on cession contracts and plurality of employers, and changes were suggested by the Workers' Committee, some of them reflected in the final versions of the contracts presented by the Institution."

We will continue to be attentive to the progress of the process in its various phases, "being scheduled to schedule a meeting with the BEM Administration, once its governing bodies are stabilized," the minutes said.

The meeting also addressed the issue of the amount to be paid in relation to the birth support allowance.
The Workers' Committee understands that this allowance must also be paid with the aforementioned retroactivity.
The allowance went from 500 euros to 750 euros. Thus, the employees who were included in this clause in the year 2018, should receive the difference, which is equivalent to 250 euros.

"This suggestion was very well received with the Executive Board of Directors, awaiting final decision that will be communicated by the Directorate of Personnel Management," reads the minutes.

"It was once again reinforced by the Workers' Committee that a remuneration planning study should be carried out to advocate for the pay equity of a base salary scale, since it will serve as a basis for the standardization of the salary scale, workers who do not receive the so-called merit complement, "says CT.

The performance evaluation cycle for 2018 is expected to be completed by the month of June.

According to the Workers' Committee, "in a context of manifest need to generate wealth, which is shared with the workers, we raise three management issues with an impact on results." Then, the minutes summarize the issues: "Given the importance of the launch of new products and the positive impact it should have on the institution, we questioned the effective results of some commercial campaigns for which a great effort was directed by all colleagues and of financial means ".

The Board of Directors says that it is attentive to these questions, "it is anticipated that the new campaigns / products will have more involvement of the teams, from its genesis; as to the opening of new branches, the plan will be to execute; we address the issue of the recent bond loan placement. "

The Commission also notes a case of harassment at Banco Montepio. "We deplore the tragedy that has occurred days ago with a female bank worker, allegedly a victim of recurring harassment practices, where complicity by silence screams loudly. For yourself, your family, everyone, regardless of function or category, do not keep silent. Report, "reads the minutes.

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