Bastonária dos Enfermeiros announces re-appointment to the position – The Jornal Econômico

The nurses of the Order of Nurses, Ana Rita Cavaco, announced today in Porto her re-appointment to the post in the elections that will take place within six months.

"I am here whole, free, as I have always been, to tell you that you can count on me for another four years if that is your will. If this is the will of the Portuguese nurses, "said Ana Rita Cavaco in her closing speech of the First International Convention of Nurses, which ends today in Porto.

Thus, for the first time, the president of the Order of Nurses takes over the leadership of the Nurses' Order, in a moment of special tension with the Minister of Health, after hints about extrapolation of functions of the staff and the carrying out of an investigation into the Order.

Ana Rita Cavaco took stock of her mandate, comparing it to an "improbable" journey and "exhausting struggles."

"It was a beautiful trip. Hard but beautiful. I would do it again, even though I knew I would have to pay the price because I was unequivocally at your side, "he said.

The staff member assumes that she has given the face "for a new time", felt her mission fulfilled, because "the nurses have lost the fear of resisting."

The nurse representative also rejected "false consensus or hypocritical silence" and insisted that "there is no regulation of the profession without ensuring the minimum number of nurses in the services" and there is also no regulation "without the ability to perceive that low wages influence the provision of care. "

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