Bayer targeted by 18,400 US lawsuits against glyphosate – The Economic Journal

By the end of April, 13,400 cases had already been filed, the group said, underlining that the now updated number of requests refers to July 11.

Bayer has already been sentenced three times to compensate California cancer patients, but the amounts were severely reduced in a second case review by a judge from $ 289 million (about 260 million euros) to 78 million, from 80 million to 25 million and from over two billion to $ 69.3 million, respectively.

The group has indicated that it intends to appeal to challenge the principle of liability, stressing for months that no regulator in the world has concluded that glyphosate has been dangerous since it was introduced to the market in the mid-1970s.

The German inventor of aspirin last year made the biggest bet in history by buying Monsanto for $ 63 billion, using more and more chemistry to feed an increasingly populated and climate-disturbed planet.

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