BdP would be unable to credit Berardo – The Economic Journal

Following an interview with Vítor Constâncio by Diário de Notícias and TSF, the former governor of the Bank of Portugal reveals that he could never have prevented the credit agreement and between Caixa Geral de Depósitos and Fundação Berardo for the acquisition of BCP shares.

Vítor Constâncio affirms that this operation was never dependent on any approval of Banco de Portugal.

The former governor of the central bank also points out that the BoP was only called upon to pronounce-and on the increase of the Berardo Foundation's stake in BCP, an increase that would allow the Foundation to take a qualified stake in the bank's capital.

In this sense, Vítor Constâncio believes that he "brought down" the accusations against him on this subject.

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