BE asks Centeno to sign authorizations it has on its desk for the NHS – O Jornal Económico

The BE coordinator today asked the finance minister to sign "the spending authorizations she has on the secretary for the National Health Service" because the budgeted money "is needed as never before."

“Mario Centeno [ministro das Finanças] you have to sign the expense permits you have on your desk that are a precise investment in the National Health Service [SNS]. INEM [Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica] needs ambulances and 300 professionals. There are hospitals waiting for the minister's signature to have the necessary professionals and means. It is not understood that they continue to wait: the necessary investment is in the budgets and there are no captivations, ”Catarina Martins told reporters, on the sidelines of a visit to the weekly Espinho fair, Aveiro district.

Asked about the praise of the British Financial Times newspaper for Prime Minister António Costa's refusal of austerity, Catarina Martins pointed out that the replacement of wages and pensions “was possible” due to the “participation of several parties that make a majority in parliament” , noting that “this path is not enough”, and now it is necessary to invest in public services, particularly in the NHS.

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