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"We need effective support, reaching out to everyone, from local services to the Ministry of Agriculture, to support access to funding lines and to have a public insurance system that reaches farmers effectively," said the bloquist leader.

Catarina Martins was speaking to reporters in Reveles, in the municipality of Montemor-o-Velho, after contacting farmers affected by the storm on October 13 who lost some of the corn production.

The BE leader called for state support "to be effective and responsive to those who have lost the crops and who are not overly bureaucratic, with the support of the people in the applications."

He also called for the presence of Ministry of Agriculture technicians on the ground, "both to help prevent these calamities and then to support them when they happen."

"We need to have technicians in the whole territory, who do proximity service in agriculture," he said.

The BE coordinator also announced a proposal he submitted to the State Budget for 2019 so that affected farmers have access to subsidized financing lines, "or at least some public participation to ensure that the excess interest does not support".

"Farmers' misfortune can not be a source of income for the financial system, which then even ends up having conditions that prevent farmers from accessing that financing they need," he emphasized.

The bloquista leader also considered that it is necessary to change insurance for agriculture, so that its control is in the public sphere.

"There is a part of public financing to insurance, but it is the insurers that control, which means that both the premiums and the coverages are in the hands of the private," he said.

According to Catarina Martins, what the country needs "is an agricultural insurance service that has public control, to allow the definition of premiums and coverages and to ensure that the public financing that goes to the insurers serves agriculture effectively and not to finance plus the financial and insurance sector. "

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