BE defends that "rescue" SIRESP from the private is the only way to guarantee "disinterested" security of the country – The Economic Newspaper

The Left Bloc (BE) argues that "rescue" the Integrated System of Emergency and Security Networks of Portugal (SIRESP) from the hands of the private sector is the best way to guarantee "disinterested" security and protection of the country. The blockers stress that SIRESP is "the pillar of emergency communications in Portugal" and that successive failures of the network have only resulted in a "strengthening of the position of private companies such as Altice".

"If the doubts regarding the award of the tender for the creation and implementation of SIRESP help to explain the mistrust of the Portuguese and Portuguese in this system, reports of failures and failures by the populations and also by other authorities irreversible and unavoidable intervention by the state in this matter, "said the bloc member Sandra Cunha, at the opening of the debate in plenary this Wednesday.

The MEP recalled that in October 2017 the Government announced the intention to acquire a majority stake in SIRESP S.A, which owns the SIRESP infrastructure, but accuses the Government of having yielded to private interests. "It was Altice who assumed the majority position of SIRESP (…) the Minister of Internal Administration [Eduardo Cabrita] was to buy wool and ended up shorn, "he said.

"And so began a long rábula in which the Government wants to send in the SIRESP and a private company that is being sprayed for the Government and public interest", added the bloquista deputy.

The parliamentary group of the BE defends that the failure of the Government has resulted in a "reinforcement of the position of Altice, that does now what it wants and well understands". "It even felt at ease to threaten the country with the suspension of satellite connections, which are an essential mechanism of network redundancy, and in the full critical period of fires," said Sandra Cunha.

"SIRESP is a good result of the last two decades in the country. The portrait of a country that delivered the private strategic and essential functions of the state. The portrait of a country whose elites have allowed themselves to be drenched, if not enriched, by the virtues and charms of public-private partnerships. The portrait of a country that paid dearly for the incompetence of the private, who for the profits of the few prejudiced the country, "he said.

Sandra Cunha also argued that the Portuguese remain "hostages who have failed," and that continuing to insist "on an unacceptable error and giving bonuses to those who put the profit above the security of the people and the country" is "inadmissible." "Only SIRESP's control by the state can guarantee security and protection in a disinterested way," he concluded.

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