BE / Lisbon ensures that it will maintain a critical position on urban planning – Jornal Económico

“With the departure of Manuel Salgado, the important thing is not to evaluate the person, but the city's urbanism policy. This policy is that of the PS. It's the one that allows for runaways like Torre Portugália, with building credits to bypass PDM [Plano Diretor Municipal]. This policy is a red carpet for business, ”says Manuel Grilo on his official Facebook page.

The holder of the Education and Social Rights portfolios also argues that BE “has been working for a city for the people and has been able to impose some important steps, such as the public Affordable Income program, the construction of public facilities or, by force. revert the project to Martim Moniz Square ”.

Speaking to Lusa, CDS-PP Councilman João Gonçalves Pereira stressed that “it is necessary to understand if Manuel Salgado will leave the presidency” of the municipal company SRU – Society for Urban Rehabilitation.

The centrist stressed that “there is a new chamber there [na SRU], which was being prepared for about a year ”, adding that the transfer of three million euros was recently approved for that municipal company, which will escape“ the scrutiny of the chamber ”and with the“ connivance of Fernando Medina ”.

For his part, João Ferreira, from the PCP, like Manuel Grilo, guaranteed that the communists will continue to be critical of the city's urbanism policy.

For the elected, “no break is expected” with the policy that has been practiced so far, since the successor of Manuel Salgado is also socialist.

PSD Councilor João Pedro Costa, however, declined to comment on the matter.

Manuel Salgado, 75, has been a city councilor for urban planning in the Lisbon City Council since the midterm elections of 2007, and was also vice-president of the municipality until the municipalities of 2013, when Fernando Medina, current president, became the arm right of Antonio Costa, then leader of the socialist municipal executive.

According to a source from the Lisbon Chamber, Salgado will leave office in September, being replaced by Ricardo Veludo, the current coordinator of the Affordable Income Program.

In an interview released today by the newspaper Expresso, Salgado goes on with the possibility of remaining as chairman of the board of the municipal company SRU – Society for Urban Rehabilitation.

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