BE presents “totally equal” list for Algarve – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

BE presents “totally equal” list for Algarve - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The Left Bloc (BE) will present a list "fully equal" by the Faro constituency to the next October Legislative, headed by João Vasconcelos, who is running for a new term.

The following places are occupied by Helga Viegas (lawyer), Aníbal Coutinho (doctor), David Roque (teacher), Tatiana Pacheco (bank), Natacha Álvaro (store salesperson), Jorge Ramos (telecommunications engineer), Celeste Santos (trainer) ), Maria Helena Baião (commercial manager), Igor Gago (university student), Ana Ribeiro (pharmacist), Adriana Cotovio (university student), Miguel Madeira (economist) and Vítor Ruivo (retired).

The program of the Left Bloc in the Algarve will continue “the determined fight against austerity and inequality, in favor of well-being and an economy for everyone, without exclusions, striving to create the conditions to respond positively to reality of our time and new political, social and environmental phenomena that may also emerge in the Algarve ”.

BE also announced that the candidate for the Left Bloc's application in the Algarve will be Alberto Melo, university professor and co-founder of the In Loco Association, with “an extensive curriculum, based mainly on university education and public policies for adult education but also with strong links to associations, having helped to create several initiatives in this area ”.

In addition to his academic career, Alberto Melo is director of the Aprender lifelong magazine and president of the Portuguese Association for Culture and Permanent Education.



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