BE says it does not understand instability created by measure that does not interfere with OE – O Jornal Económico

BE says it does not understand instability created by measure that does not interfere with OE - O Jornal Económico

The leader of the Left Bloc, Catarina Martins, said Saturday that "it makes no sense" that the Government "create instability" by an unprecedented measure in the State Budget of 2019 and argued that politics can not be "a game" , the Lusa news agency reported.

"It has absolutely no meaning for a measure that costs zero euros in the State Budget of 2019, which guarantees the same replacement [de tempo de serviço congelado dos professores] which the Government had promised to do and what it does is to open a door to future negotiations that allow us to continue a path of respect for those who work, so that suddenly the Government creates instability, "said Catarina Martins, at a luncheon that brought together 150 supporters in Vila Nova de Famalicão.

On Friday, May 3, Prime Minister and Secretary-General of the PS, António Costa, accused the opposition of "playing with fire" by approving in the specialty in parliament, the recovery of the total time of service of teachers in the period in which progressions were frozen.

The prime minister also reported that he informed the President of the Republic that the Government will resign if the total accounting of teachers' service time, nine years and four months, is approved in a final global vote.

For Catarina Martins, "politics can not be a game, it must be a responsibility," adding, "And we have so much to do." Remembering the caretaker's status, raising the minimum wage, improvements in the National Health Service, the bloquista coordinator said that "giving up this path is giving up improving people's living conditions", considering that this would be "absolutely irresponsible."

Catarina Martins stressed that the measure passed in the Assembly of the Republic, to restore the teachers' entire career, with only the vote against the PS, will not "open any Pandora's box", explaining that "it is guaranteed exactly the same time as the Government had already said that it would [à recuperação de tempo de serviço congelado], neither more nor less. "

On the European elections, Catarina Martins recalled some of the themes of the BE, such as the environment, health, and the fight against economic crime. The speech on the elections of May 26 was in charge of the BE header list, Marisa Matias, who stressed the importance of voting.

"We are in one of the most important elections in our lives, but they are invariably treated as if they had no importance at all." Marisa Matias also left a guarantee: "We do not have two faces two, positions [uma em Portugal, outra em Bruxelas], only electoral behavior, we never have an electoral behavior, "he said while referring to Mario Centeno, finance minister.

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