BE wants to withdraw PPP from the Basic Health Law in order to make it viable – The Economic Journal

The Left Bloc ensured this Sunday, June 9, that it approves the Basic Health Law if Public Private Partnerships (PPP) are withdrawn from the law, to be discussed later, and if the current legal regime of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) is revoked.

The proposal has already been presented to the PS and the Government, and the Left Bloc (BE) is waiting for a response, said the party's national coordinator, Catarina Martins, at a press conference in Lisbon.

In this way, the BE proposes to "overcome the impasse created and to save the Basic Law of Health", thus safeguarding that the "steps taken and that are positive are not called into question".

"The proposed Basic Law that the parliament is considering contains important advances that can not be called into question by the persistence of the Socialist Party and the Government in maintaining the possibility of new PPPs in the future. This obstinacy does not lead us to give up this process, on the contrary: in order to ensure the advances already included in the proposed Basic Law, the Left Block assumes the responsibility of proposing a way of overcoming the blockade that the PS created ", affirmed Catarina Martins.

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