BE will vote in favor of new Health Bases Law after PS proposal – The Economic Journal

The BE announced today the vote in favor of the Health Bases Law after the PS proposed to repeal the decree on public-private partnerships (PPP), so there is agreement for the diploma to pass in parliament.

"We made this public challenge to PS in early June. From the moment that the evolution of the proposals meets what we had defined, it makes sense to be consistent with our proposal and therefore we will vote in favor of both this proposal for a call and the Health Bases Law in its final version because it reaches in its context what we had proposed, "announced BE parliamentary leader Pedro Filipe Soares in parliament.

According to Pedro Filipe Soares, the new law "removes private citizens from the state, placing them only as supplements, walks towards the gratuitousness of the National Health Service" and "withdraws the PPPs from the health base law" by repealing the decree-law of Durão Barroso that gives "body to the contracts that currently exist".

The PS justified today the proposal made to the parties of the left on the new law of bases of the Health like "their last contribution" to obtain the "consensos necessary" to approve the diploma.

This position is assumed in a statement by the PS group, minutes after the PCP announced an agreement with socialists in the discussion of the proposal of the new Basic Law of Health, with the inscription of the principle of public management.

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