Become an influencer in the next expansion of The Sims 4 – Multimedia

Become an influencer in the next expansion of The Sims 4 - Multimedia

The new expansion of Electronic Arts's "life simulator" will give players a chance to live their 15 minutes of fame.

The next expansion of The Sims 4 is called Get Famous and comes November 16 to the PC, focusing on the theme of "instant" celebrities. Players will have the opportunity to integrate the elite of public figures, living up to luxurious emotions while elevating their social status, Electronic Arts said in a statement.

Sims can access a new acting career, sign up for a audition, and participate in TV series or commercials. Then it is a matter of achieving success through hard work and dedication, being able to be eventually invited to join a luxury cast or become the protagonist of a blockbuster.

From here, Sims can take advantage of their fame and become influencers, conveying their moments of luxury and inspiring other Sims to achieve their goals. You can interact with the fans, or escape from those who are more fascinated and impulsive.

To be an eccentric artist or enjoy all the advantages of fame? Get Famous promises many options and social relationships, as is usual in the series, allowing players to participate in parties, only accessible to the big stars.

Electronic Arts has revealed that it has transformed social networking star Baby Ariel, who achieved stardom through music, in a Sim that players can look up to in the game. The "Simlish" version of the celebrity can be found singing versions of their songs in the very dialect of the Sims.

One of the places to explore is called Del Sol Valley, a city where the big stars live, with Sim's ambition to buy a mansion in its most chic areas. In the interior of the room can also give rise to the star-like mischief, mobilizing it with gold-plated furniture and other objects of ostentation.

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