Berardo wants to sue deputies. Recording of the hearing has already been requested – The Economic Journal

Entrepreneur José Berardo requested access to the transcription and videotape of his hearing in parliament on May 10, in order to proceed with a legal process against the deputies present, was revealed today.

According to a source from the second Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the recapitalization and management of the bank, deputies have already been officially notified of the request, made through Matros & Silveiro de Barros Saragossa law firm.

On May 18, RTP reported that businessman Jose Berardo, known as Joe Berardo, wanted to sue the chairman of the inquiry commission, Luis Leite Ramos (PSD), but it is now known that the case was extended to Members present at the hearing .

At his parliamentary hearing on May 10, Joe Berardo asked that his audition not be broadcast live on ARTV.

The lawyer of the businessman, André Luiz Gomes, considered "totally illegal" the transmission of the hearing by the channel parliament (ARTV).

"It is totally unlawful to broadcast, although by the channel parliament. (…) From this moment, any recording of sound and image is not authorized by my constituent without prejudice to the recording for legal purposes, "said André Luiz Gomes in the parliament in Lisbon, considering that his client's right to image .

The hearing of the businessman Joe Berardo was not recorded by cameras of the information organs, since the businessman asked for it, to protect his image. However, the request of the chair of the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry to CGD was not accepted by ARTV.

The chair of the committee of inquiry explained that he was only informed of this request shortly before the start of the hearing, which is why he did not put this question in a meeting with the Members and took the decision on his own.

Joe Berardo's visit to the CGD parliamentary inquiry committee on 10 October provoked a chorus of criticism, first and foremost from the way he addressed Members.

Before the parliamentarians, the Madeiran businessman declared that it is "clear" that he does not have debts, since the debts to the banks (including the CGD public bank) are not personal debts, but of entities related to him.

Berardo also said that he tried to "help the banks" with the provision of guarantees and that they were the ones that suggested the investment in shares of BCP.

He further explained that Berardo Collection Association (owner of works of art) participation certificates that he gave to banks to reinforce loan guarantees lost value with a capital increase in which financial entities did not participate, apparently because they did not know that existed.

To several questions from the deputies, Joe Berardo also said that they should be made to the banks concerned: "Ask Caixa, they lent me the money."

Already confronted with the idea that the Box "is costing a kite," he replied: "Not me!"

However, on May 23, Joe Berardo admitted that he overstepped himself during his hearing in the CGD parliamentary inquiry committee, but said he did not intend to "offend."

"I have to admit that, in the heat of the discussion, I overcame it, giving some impulsive and not duly thoughtful answers," it can be read in a statement from the businessman that Lusa had access on May 23.

Joe Berardo said that "certainly" was not his intention "to offend anyone, much less to lack respect due to the Assembly of the Republic."

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