"Bernardo Silva dresses up as a 40-year-old man"

"Bernardo Silva dresses up as a 40-year-old man"

Kevin de Bruyne, Manchester City midfielder, gave an interview to Sky Sports where he talked about some of his team-mates. The Belgian international made a curious revelation about Bernardo Silva, whom he attributed the "worst dressed prize".

"He dresses like a 40-year-old man but he's only 24. He always wears the same dirty white shoes, they're worn out and we often say, 'Go get some new shoes. the Belgian midfielder.

For the Belgian international, the best dancer in the citizens' spa is "Raheem Sterling", due to the influences of his "Jamaican roots". In reverse, Zinchenko was considered the worst singer. "He's the worst, by far, very bad, no one wants to hear him," said Kevin de Bruyne.

The City midfielder, he recalled, is recovering from an injury to his right knee ligament during a training session on 15 August.

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