Bill Gates believes a chemical cloud can help us fight climate change – Science

Bill Gates believes a chemical cloud can help us fight climate change - Science

Amazon fires have fueled the debate on solutions that can help combat climate change, and Bill Gates is one of the names behind one of today's boldest proposals. The idea is based on a technique called solar geoengineering and is intended to reproduce the effects of a large-scale volcanic eruption. In this case, the cloud would be reproduced with the help of thousands of planes that would spray millions of tons of particles across the planet, creating a gigantic chemical cloud that could cool the earth's crust.

"Studies show that the technique could reduce the intensity of hot flashes, for example. And that could help us slow down the rate at which average sea levels have risen," said Andy Parker, project director at Solar Radiation Management. Governance Initiative.

The technology that makes this idea possible is not far from complete and, most importantly, it is economical. However, there are still some concerns about it, as there is a possibility of serious side effects following poor implementation. The simulations show that regional weather patterns can change and the sky can no longer be blue.

"The consequences can be catastrophic. We are talking about famines, floods and droughts that can affect large portions of the world's population," explained Stephen Gardiner, author of The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change.

Bill Gates is one of many names that has invested in the development of this technology, but the dangers surrounding it still fuel the debate around its effectiveness and ethics. Learn more about solar geoengineering through this link.

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