Biometrics used to measure emotional involvement of football fans – Computers

Biometrics used to measure emotional involvement of football fans - Computers

The study resulted from a partnership between MindProber and Eleven Sports and was conducted during the match between Juventus and Atletico Madrid for the Champions League.

MindProber, Braga startup, used its biometrics-based technology to study the emotions of fans watching a football game, from the impact of emotional involvement. The study was conducted in partnership with the television channel Eleven Sports.

The game chosen for the analysis was played between Juventus and Atletico Madrid, for the Champions League, having all three goals of the match been pointed out by Cristiano Ronaldo. The Braga startup monitored dozens of viewers who watched the live match from home. During the game participants indicated, through an app, whether or not they liked what they were seeing, causing the biometric sensor to measure the variations in emotional states (more or less excited).

The data collected allowed to understand the evolution of the spectators throughout the game. This data may have multiple applications, for example: making better editing choices; choose the most suitable commentators; identify key moments of the transmission, potentially useful for the insertion of advertising; or to understand and compare the media value of each player (identify those that catch viewers' attention and generate more impact).

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Pedro Miranda, CEO of MindProber

Pedro Almeida, CEO of MindProber, said that the company intends to "make available to large broadcasters and large advertisers more and better tools, capable of boosting earnings and reinforcing its strategy."

Eleven Sports's Head of Marketing & Communications, Nuno Miranda, believes that "through this innovative system, we will be able to know in detail all the moments of greatest emotion of the viewers during a football game, a Formula 1 Grand Prix or another sporting event, which will allow us to improve interaction with our customers. "

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