Blaya acts at the opening of the festivities of the city of Santarém – Showbiz

Blaya acts at the opening of the festivities of the city of Santarém - Showbiz

The exhibition, which runs until December at Jardim Porta do Sol, aims to show how the evolution has been since the old town ascended to the category of city, during the last century and a half, also having several structures distributed by "six iconic places of the city" , says a note from the municipality.

The festivities of S. José, which take place in Campo Emílio Infante da Câmara, run from March 15 to 19, with the concert with Blaya, with the performance of David Antunes, on the 16th, by Fernando Daniel, in the on the 18th, and with the Orquestra Típica Scalabitana, on the 16th, at the Casa do Campino.

The program also includes, on the 17th, a Noche de Fados, in honor of the guitarist Carlos Velez and Vítor Rodrigues, author of lyrics for fado / songs about Ribatejo, and on the 18th, after the concert with Fernando Daniel, the from 24:00, performance of the tunas of the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém.

Coinciding the municipal holiday with St. Joseph's Day, patron of carpenters and craftsmen, the feasts of the city of Santarém keep the tradition of celebrating a mass presided by the bishop of the diocese, José Traquina, on the 19th. Schola Cantorum of the Cathedral of Santarém, which is followed by the Procession in Honor of St. Joseph, said the note.

Throughout the five days, in Casa do Campino and in the surrounding areas, there are amusements, handicrafts, bars, folkloric ranches, campuses, bullfighting festivals, games of conduction and expertise with halters, inflatables, among other initiatives.

With the support of the municipality, which offers tickets to the population, available at parish councils, Praça Maior, an association that aims to revitalize the Plaza de Toiros Monumental Celestino Graça, holds the first bullfight of the season, São José Festivals Race, with the participation of the knights João Moura, António Telles and Francisco Palha, the groups of Forcados Amadores de Santarém and Vila Franca and six bulls of Cunhal Patrício.

The program also includes the exhibition "Stories with stones", works carried out by the students of the county's kindergartens in the convent of S. Francisco, and the realization, on the 19th, of a walk organized by the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service of the Hospital District of Santarém, with the message that "Birth in Santarém is good".

The municipality wants to affirm the Festivities of S. José "as the great event of the county, giving to know to the country what Santarém has of better in respect to its traditions and icons" – the folklore, mainly the fandango, the craftsmanship, the gastronomy and the campinos, as "guardians of the Lezíria and the animals that run through it" – which is associated "with the brave party and the typical Ribatejo environment, recreating the feast of Ribatejo and extolling" its traditions.

The parties are organized by the municipal company Viver Santarém, Sports and Leisure, with the support of the City Hall.

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