Blaya's debut album is released on Monday and includes "Faz Gostoso" – Showbiz

Blaya's debut album is released on Monday and includes "Faz Gostoso" - Showbiz

Six years after the first EP solo, homónimo, Blaya edits the debut album, a mixture of all the influences of the singer and dancer, that integrated the Buraka Som Sistema, and in which it explores its "Brazilian side", singing several songs in Brazilian Portuguese.

"I've done some funk stuff, but now I've also wanted to explore that side," Blaya told Lusa, recalling that she can not "escape the fact that she was born in Brazil" and that her family "be all Brazilian."

Despite living "for a long time in Portugal," he continues to have "always Brazilian blood and Brazilian roots". In doing so, "it was not with the intention of wanting to enter the [mercado do] Brazil, "although he acknowledges that if such a" better "happens.

Today's Blaya, compared to the debut EP, is "the same Blaya, but a bit more mature and team-working."

In the album "Blaya com Dios", most of the 15 songs resulted from a writing camp.

"We have put together several 'songwriters' [compositores], several producers, and for two days we worked on several songs. Of those two days left 21 songs, of which we chose about 12 ", he recalled.

And so, Blaya speaks on the debut album solo as a "team work", which was attended by, among others, Virgul, MC Zuka, the duo No Maka, Deejay Telio, Laysha, Laton, April Ivy or Ella Nor.

The songs that were recorded after the writing camp, such as Yoga and Cash, appeared with time, as Blaya was "realizing more in what direction he was going."

In social networks, especially in Instagram, Blaya often shares messages associated with gender equality and the disc is also present the "more aggressive" side of the singer who wants to "empower women."

"The public has no concept, mostly women, but most of them sing songs against women, very happy, but when the female artists sing, they do not so much empower these songs. It is something that happens without them realizing it, but this happens a lot. They are not aware of this, but it happens a lot, "he said.

Although there is not a performance of "Blaya con Dios", which is published on the singer's birthday, this will be shown in the coming months, in the "many concerts" that Blaya has on schedule.

"I will have the opportunity to make the releases at the concerts," Blaya said, highlighting the show scheduled for the main stage of the Southwest festival in August in Zambujeira do Mar.

At concerts, the main goal of the singer and dancer is to "always put the public at ease, to dance at ease, to feel good" and, for this, promises "a lot of energy, dance and animation".

In the lineup will be the themes of the album, some of which has already presented a few months ago, as "Faz Gostoso", which was successful in the summer and eventually reached the new album by the American singer Madonna.

"Madame X", to be released on June 14, includes a version of the theme of Blaya, sung by 'queen of pop' and Brazilian singer Anitta.

Blaya, when he created the theme, "I was just making music." "I was not thinking 'this song is going to have do not know how many millions'. We thought 'let's make music, let's do our best, work well on the songs'. And that's what happened, "he shared.

The singer confessed that "she was not expecting [o tema] had this impact, "because," as in everything, "it has" no expectations at all. "

"As it was something that we were not sure would happen, we always let go, it was always good, always light, until the final decision. Until we are sure of things, we can not put the cart in front of the oxen, so I kept calm until I realized what this was going to give, "he recalled.

Now that it's real, it still can not do much good. "The Mojo Team [produtora e editora RedMojo] you've heard the version, but I can not tell you anything, you'll have to listen when you leave, but the essence of 'Gost Gostoso' is there, "he said.

When the impact that this may have on his career, Blaya prefers to speak in Portuguese music.

"There is always a public who likes to know much more than the music and its meaning, and many people go after the original song and that is always good. And the fact that there is a song in Portuguese on Madonna's album is very good. People will eventually take a look at the original song, and maybe other artists will come to Portugal to explore how it explored, "he said.

Recalling that music "is a world thing", and that, therefore, "can reach everyone's ears by chance," he emphasizes that "Portuguese music, made in Portugal, reach the ears of international stars is always very good". "And it means that we worked very well in music," he said.

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