Block and PCP in a PS Government? "It is not worth spoiling a good friendship with an unsuccessful dating," says Costa – O Jornal Económico

António Costa rejects the possibility of the Left Block and the PCP being part of a Government led by the PS.

The prime minister considers that the model of the gerigonça works well, without the need for the three parties to join a government if the PS wins the legislative elections that will take place in October.

"This clarity of positions is very healthy, but also implies the limitations on the intensity of the relationship. So what we have managed to converge on has been enough for a very good friendship, but it is insufficient for us to have a marriage, "António Costa said in an interview with SIC.

"People say that it is not worth spoiling a good friendship with an unsuccessful courtship, here it is a bit like that," said the prime minister in the interview given after the European elections.

The only possibility of the three leftist parties joining a government would be if Bloco and PCP changed their political positions.

"Unless there was such a change in political positions as to permit another kind of relationship. I do not anticipate that any of the parties will be available to de-characterize enough to make this solution possible, "said the prime minister.

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