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The Left Block Loures regrets the endorsement of the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) to the connection of the Metropolitan of Lisbon between the Rato and Cais do Sodré. For the bloquistas this decision is "historical error" that "harms populations of the bordering counties" to the detriment of tourism. And warns that it is an "environmentally wrong choice" that will "increase the flow of cars" to Lisbon.

The reaction of the bloquistas comes after the APA has issued, at the end of November, a favorable Declaration of Environmental Impact (DIA) conditioned to the project that creates a circular line in the Metropolitan of Lisbon and connects the Mouse to the Cais do Sodré.

"It is a historical mistake and it greatly damages the populations of the bordering counties of the capital, namely Loures", criticizes Fabian Figueiredo, national leader of the Block and candidate for the Municipal Council of Loures in the last municipalities.

According to this leader, "after years of failed promises, once again, there is an option that privileges tourism to the detriment of the population that works in Lisbon and resides in the neighboring counties."

The Bloquista official recalls that thousands of Loures families travel daily to Lisbon to work, losing hours in traffic due to lack of viable alternatives to public transport, he stresses, "in Loures they are scarce and very expensive."

"This option makes the life of the families of Lourdes more difficult and more expensive, and it is also a wrong choice in terms of the environment, because it increases the flow of cars that enter Lisbon every day," he adds.

Fabian Figueiredo also considers that it is an option that does not take into account the increasing displacement of many families to the neighboring counties of the capital, in a movement that says to be "fruit of the wild increase of the rent rent in Lisbon".

It is recalled that, last week, the APA gave green light to the subway link Rato-Cais do Sodré. The proposal, which entails further modifications, should mean an investment of around 210 million euros, and the works will have to be started by the end of the first half of 2019, "with an expected execution time of 68 months (up to 2023), according to proposal of the State Budget for 2019. This investment will be applied in the project that creates a circular line in the Metropolitano de Lisboa and connects the Rato to the Cais do Sodré, including the new connections in the viaducts of Campo Grande. "

On November 27, the company informed that it had received from APA a statement "conditioned on compliance with the terms and conditions imposed in the document", which are not specified.

With these works, a circular line is obtained from the Campo Grande with the Verde and Amarela lines, with the remaining lines running as radial lines – Yellow line (Odivelas to Telheiras), Blue line (Reboleira – Santa Apolónia) and Red line (S. Sebastião – Airport).

APA says that there is still no start to work

After the company Metropolitano de Lisboa announced that it had a "green light" for the project "Extension between the Rato Station and Cais do Sodré Station, including the New Links in the Campo Grande Viaducts", the APA clarified that this is not so . That is, the execution project has yet to be presented and approved.

According to the APA, the "Prolongation project between the Rat Station (Yellow Line) and Cais do Sodré Station (Green Line), including the New Connections in the Viaducts of Campo Grande, was subjected to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure in (TUA), whose sense of the decision was favorable conditional on compliance with the conditions included in the Declaration of Environmental Impact (DIA), attached to it. "

However, he concludes, this approval does not imply the 'green light' for the beginning of the construction of this link.

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