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The coordinator of the Left Block (BE), Catarina Martins, said today that her party's goal "is not to lower tuition by 200 euros" in Higher Education, as provided for in the State Budget for 2019, but to abolish them .

Catarina Martins, who visited Porto today to make an economic assessment of the legislature and to identify the bloc's priorities for the budget debate, said in her speech, "it is useful for the Minister of Science to state clearly that the objective should be be to end the tips. "

In today's edition, Público writes that Minister Manuel Hector defends the end of the bribes, saying that access to the first cycle of the superior "should be free" and, in "convergence with Europe," tuition should end.

In a session held at the Coliseum in Porto, the head of the bloc stated that "this is the goal of the BE, the goal of BE is not to lower 200 euros tuition, the objective is that access to higher education is guaranteed in conditions of universality ".

"Compulsory education is up to the 12th year, but why should higher education be a luxury? Higher education has to be a right, it has to be a universal social state and this path of universality is absolutely decisive in our view, "he said.

In his opinion, "those who earn more have to pay more taxes, we must combat all tax evasion and tax assets, capital, and not pay the tax due."

"Those who earn less will pay less taxes, but when we get to university we have to be treated equally and not pay tuition fees," he added.

Regarding the debate on the State Budget for 2019, Catarina Martins considered that it has been difficult for two reasons.

On the one hand, he said, "the right has run out of program," on the other, "the realization that the PS has some difficulties in assuming that the recovery of earnings from work, wages and pensions is itself economic strategy, , which consolidates the public accounts that makes the country more solid. "

"The right all the time has been saying that the recovery of incomes would bring unemployment, collapse of public accounts, collapses of social security, and in fact, none of this happened. The right has gone without a political program, because it is very difficult right to say we want to cut wages and pensions, yes, ideologically and not because we are concerned about public accounts, "he said.

Already, "the PS is shy in the recovery of income and does not allow public investment to grow as it can grow because it is more concerned with the numbers of the deficit that it is presenting, than with the solidity and the strengthening of our economy," he maintained.

"The PS has had a hard time explaining the State Budget because it wastes too much time bragging about a deficit that people know that being a pretty deficit in Brussels is what they lack in schools, hospitals and all walks of life of life when they realize that public investment and public spending is not there to respond to them, "he added.

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