Blue Fund approves projects of 1.9 million euros – The Economic Newspaper

Blue Fund approves projects of 1.9 million euros - The Economic Newspaper

The Blue Fund approved € 1.9 million for five selected projects in the development of the sea economy, "with the aim of stimulating the emergence of a new generation of companies) to create innovative, profitable and sustainable business opportunities. "

According to the statement from the Ministry of the Sea, "the payment of funding will be allocated until the end of this year."

According to this document, in total, the five approved applications will receive a value of 1,891,149 euros, corresponding to an average reimbursement rate of 80.6% of the total investment.

Through the projects now funded, it aims to achieve several objectives, such as the creation of new businesses focused on the application of marine biological resources generating new competitive products and the application of industry 4.0 in the management, control, monitoring and biotechnology support systems blue; and the promotion of new sustainable business models by creating solutions and technologies that mitigate the environmental impact of shipping and shipping and promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and circular economy of the sea.

According to the Ministry of the Sea, another goal to be achieved with the funding of these five projects by the Blue Fund is the creation of new business models of education and ocean literacy with the objective of training agents with technical skills and environmental awareness, with a view to developing an innovative and sustainable ocean economy.

"The XXI Constitutional Government Program defined the Sea as one of its political priorities, assigning to the Minister of the Sea the responsibility to implement a transversal strategy that materializes this aim, with the purpose of generating wealth and employment, based on a sustainable model. In this sense, the Blue Fund was created with the main purpose of financing the economy of the sea, "said a statement from the Ministry of the Sea.

According to this document, "to date, seven Blue Fund bids have been published, the last of which on October 11, aiming to support scientific and technological research and development studies for the new emerging areas of the continuous)".

"The Blue Fund received a total of 205 applications, and it is expected that the approval of the calls for proposals will be completed by the end of this year," concludes the statement from the Ministry of the Sea.

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