Bobby Robson gives name to the street in the county of Loulé – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Bobby Robson gives name to the street in the county of Loulé - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

On June 20, at 12 noon, the Municipality of Loulé organizes the ceremony to unveil the toponymic plaque "Sir Bobby Robson Street" located in the Vila Sol development, place of Morgadinho, parish of Quarteira.

Sir Bobby Robson (February 18, 1933, in Sacriston, England – July 31, 2009) will forever be synonymous with a long footballing career and an unparalleled legacy of charity in Portugal and England.

He represented England during his career, participating in the World Cups of 1958 and 1962, as a player, and as coach in 1986 and 1990, the year England reached the semifinals of the World Cup.

His career in football has spanned a remarkable period of more than 55 years. After a hugely successful season managing Ipswich Town in 1982, he became England coach for 8 years. There followed a period of about 10 years in a European adventure. PSV Eindhoven of the Netherlands followed Sporting, FC Porto, Barcelona and another year at PSV Eindhoven before returning home to train their club of their heart, Newcastle United.

In 2002, Sir Bobby Robson received the Royal Knight's Title on the Queen's Honor Roll and also received the UEFA President's Award for services rendered to football.

In 2007, he was honored as Personality of the Year by BBC Sports.

He fought for 17 years against 5 different cancers. One year before his death, together with his wife Lady Elsie, he set up a Cancer Foundation in the North East of England, which has made a significant contribution to scientific research into the fight against cancer, as well as to the treatment of cancer. same.

In Portugal he decided to embrace the cause of the Vila Sol Resort Golf tournament, and this event has already raised, after 16 years, more than one million euros in favor of Refúgio Aboim Ascensão, in Faro.

It should be noted that this artery that intends to perpetuate the memory of Sir Bobby Robson integrates a set of 29 new place names as well as the respective police numbering of each artery, which have recently been approved for this area.

The Municipality of Loulé has considered Toponymy and Numbering of Police as two fundamental instruments for the territorial organization and the quality of life of the citizens of the County, allowing the orientation and communication between people and the faster arrival of the means of distress.

Toponymy also acts as a record of the history of localities by perpetuating old names used and lost in time, also evoking local, national or international events, as well as prominent personalities.



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