Bolsonaro absent in last televising debate – O Jornal Económico

Bolsonaro absent in last televising debate - O Jornal Económico

Far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro, a leading voter in polls for presidential polls in Brazil, has given up taking part in the last televised debate ahead of Sunday's scheduled election on Thursday, on a medical recommendation.

The decision was announced today by doctors who dealt with the injuries that Bolsonaro suffered when he was stabbed on September 6 in a campaign in Juiz de Fora. The Social Liberal Party (PSL) candidate remained hospitalized for much of the campaign period, having been discharged on Saturday.

Bolsonaro suspended his campaign and did not attend any of the recent debates, but despite the absence, far-right voting intentions rose from 22%, a percentage that had before the attack to 32%, according to the survey released on Tuesday by Datafolha.

"He will not go to the debate on Thursday because we discourage him and he is very obedient," surgeon Antonio Macedo told the press after leaving the PSL candidate's home in Rio de Janeiro.

The surgeon, who visited Jair Bolsonaro accompanied by cardiologist Leandro Echenique, said that Bolsonaro expressed a desire to participate in the debate, but assured that he will comply with the medical recommendation.

"We contraindicate participation in debates or any activity that might tire you or force you to speak for more than 10 minutes," said Antonio Macedo.

In the attack, Bolsonaro suffered serious injuries in several parts of the intestine and underwent two surgeries.

According to his doctor, the deputy can not participate in activities that require a lot of physical exertion for more than 15 minutes, because "this may harm his evolution".

During his internship, Bolsonaro limited himself to campaigning through social networks and on Thursday posted a message on the Twitter network, saying that Brazil does not deserve to be governed from a prison, in a clear reference to the ex -President Lula da Silva, convicted of corruption.

"Our country does not deserve to be governed from within the prison or by its political godchildren disguised as options, but with the same essence that destroys us," said the candidate, in a criticism also directed to the successor of Lula da Silva as a candidate presidential of the Workers' Party, Fernando Haddad.

Despite leading the polls, Bolsonaro, known for the controversial statements he makes and for being a proponent of the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil between 1964 and 1985, is also the candidate with the highest rate of electoral rejection.

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