Bolsonaro declares support for Neymar after accusation of rape

Bolsonaro declares support for Neymar after accusation of rape

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has declared his support for footballer Neymar, accused of raping a woman last month in Paris, saying he "believes" in the player's version, the local press reports.

"Today I must be in the game of Brazil (against Qatar), I hope to give Neymar a hug before the game, he is in a difficult moment, but I believe in him, Neymar, tonight we are together," the head of state told reporters during an event in celebration of World Environment Day in the state of Goiás.

On Friday, Neymar was accused of raping a woman who filed a criminal complaint with police in Sao Paulo.

According to the complaint, the incident occurred on May 15 at 8:20 pm in a Paris hotel, where the Brazilian player represents Paris Saint-Germain.

The woman says she met Neymar through messages on the social network Instagram and that a representative of the player bought her plane tickets and booked a hotel room in Paris.

However, the player has posted private messages exchanged with the woman who accused him of rape on his social networks in order to demonstrate that he is being trapped.

"It was a trap and I ended up falling. (…) From now on I will expose all the conversation I had with the girl, all our moments, which are intimate, but it is necessary to expose them to prove that really nothing happened, "said the Paris Saint-Germain on the official Instagram account.

Lawyers for the woman who filed a lawsuit against Neymar said they had abandoned the case because they thought the client had lied to them, saying the footballer had assaulted him, without ever mentioning the rape, which he took to police.

Globo television network released a letter Monday night in which lawyer Cunha Bueno said that the woman "always said that she had had sex with Neymar, but that she had become aggressive", which was the focus of complaint.

"From rage or revenge, you filed the complaint with alleged facts that are in disagreement with what you told us, reporting that you were a victim of rape, when you assumed and demonstrated that you were the victim of assault," the lawyer said.

Neymar is focused on the selection of his country with a view to participating in Copa América, which takes place in Brazil between June 14 and July 7.

Brazil play against Qatar in a preparation game at the Mané Garrincha stadium in Brasilia.

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