Bolsonaro Party Leader Says President “Already Away” from Political Formation – Jornal Económico

On Tuesday, Bolsonaro told his supporter to forget about his militant party, PSL, adding that the president of that political formation, Luciano Bivar, is "burned out". The situation occurred on the way out of the Alvorada Palace in Brasilia and was recorded on video.

After the controversy, Bivar told the G1 news portal that Bolsonaro is "already removed" and "forgotten" from the party.

“His speech (Bolsonaro) was terminal, he is already away. Didn't he say to forget the party? It's forgotten, ”said the president of the PSL, adding that he just wants“ peace ”.

“What we want is to make the country viable. It will not change anything if Bolsonaro leaves, we will continue to support key measures. Yesterday's statement was terminal, he said he is away. … He can take everything from the party, he just can't take dignity, the liberal sentiment we have, and the commitment to fighting corruption, ”Bivar said in a statement to the G1.

With a crisis affecting the party, the PSL has called an urgent Tuesday night meeting with deputies and senators to assess the eventual burnout, according to local media.

The PSL is also involved in legal problems.

The Electoral Prosecutor (MP) of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais last week accused the current Minister of Tourism, Marcelo Álvaro Antônio, of embezzlement of funds from the 2018 electoral fund of the Liberal Social Party (PSL).

In addition to the minister of tourism, 10 other people were charged with crimes of ideological falsity, misappropriation of elections and criminal association.

“After about eight months of investigation, the Electoral Public Prosecution Office accused (…) 11 people of involvement in a diversion scheme through“ phantom candidacies ”in the last elections,” according to Electoral Prosecutor Fernando Abreu, quoted in MP's website.

According to the prosecutor, “in order to defraud the electoral legislation, women were offered proposals to apply and, during the campaign, to promote the payment of electoral expenses of other candidates, as a way of circumventing the transfer of funds from the electoral fund and benefit other candidacies, as well as electoral legislation that ensures at least 30% of female candidates in elections. ”

According to the complaint, the candidates received about 260 thousand reais (about 58 thousand euros), of which more than 190 thousand reais (43 thousand euros) were transferred to other applications.

All defendants are linked to the PSL.

The case came to light late last year on suspicions that Marcelo Antônio promoted the use of “ghost candidates” in the state of Minas Gerais to increase the funds that the Bolsonaro party received from the so-called “party fund”. ”, Consisting of public money to finance political campaigns.

However, according to the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, Jair Bolsonaro's election campaign also benefited from this misappropriation.

The alleged irregularities in the campaigns of the PSL candidates have not directly affected the head of state so far, but led to the resignation last February of the then Minister of the General Secretariat of the Government, Gustavo Bebianno, who chaired the PSL last year in full election campaign.

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